Top 20 Colocation Providers in the USA for Your Business 2024

In this article, we list the top 20 colocation providers in the USA for 2024, chosen for their reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. In an era of rapid technological advancement, colocation services have become critical for businesses seeking to enhance their IT infrastructure without the overhead of maintaining their own data centers. Colocation allows businesses to rent space in a data center, ensuring security, scalability, and high availability for their servers and network equipment.

Colocation Providers in the USA

Top 20 Colocation Providers in the USA 2024

1. Equinix Location: Redwood City, California
About: As one of the largest colocation providers globally, Equinix offers unparalleled connectivity and data center space. Their facilities are known for high security, redundancy, and a vast array of interconnections, making them a popular choice for enterprises and cloud service providers.

2. Digital Realty Location: San Francisco, California
About: Digital Realty provides colocation services with an emphasis on sustainability and flexibility. Their facilities support a wide range of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, and offer robust redundancy and connectivity options.

3. CyrusOne Location: Dallas, Texas
About: CyrusOne is known for its high-density colocation services and innovative solutions for scalability. They focus on providing customizable environments for their clients, with an extensive network of data centers across the USA.

4. CoreSite Location: Denver, Colorado
About: CoreSite specializes in highly secure and interconnected data centers, catering to a diverse client base. Their colocation services are designed for businesses that require rapid scalability and robust connectivity options.

5. QTS Realty Trust Location: Overland Park, Kansas
About: QTS offers colocation services with a focus on compliance and security. Their data centers are certified to meet various industry standards, making them an ideal choice for businesses in regulated industries.

6. Flexential Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
About: Flexential is known for its personalized approach to colocation services, offering a wide range of customizations and hybrid solutions. Their facilities are designed to support businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to multinational corporations.

7. NTT Data Centers Location: Tokyo, Japan (USA operations in various cities)
About: NTT Data Centers provides colocation services with a focus on global reach and reliability. Their USA operations are extensive, and they offer comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking a robust and secure colocation environment.

8. Iron Mountain Data Centers Location: Boston, Massachusetts
About: Iron Mountain Data Centers is recognized for its emphasis on data security and compliance. Their facilities are designed to meet stringent standards, making them a trusted choice for businesses with sensitive data requirements.

9. TierPoint Location: St. Louis, Missouri
About: TierPoint offers colocation services across the USA, with a focus on regional proximity and hybrid solutions. Their data centers provide businesses with flexibility and scalability, backed by robust security measures.

10. vXchnge Location: Tampa, Florida
About: vXchnge is a colocation provider known for its edge data center solutions. Their facilities are designed to support low-latency requirements, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking rapid data access and high availability.

11. Cologix Location: Denver, Colorado
About: Cologix specializes in highly connected colocation services, with a focus on network density and redundancy. They offer a variety of interconnections, making them ideal for businesses that rely on multiple network providers.

12. DataBank Location: Dallas, Texas
About: DataBank provides colocation services with a focus on geographic diversity and data security. They offer a range of solutions, from small-scale colocation to enterprise-level deployments, ensuring flexibility and scalability for their clients.

13. Cyxtera Technologies Location: Coral Gables, Florida
About: Cyxtera Technologies offers colocation services with a focus on security and compliance. Their data centers are designed to meet various industry standards, and they provide advanced security features to protect client data.

14. Switch Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
About: Switch is renowned for its large-scale data centers and innovative designs. They offer colocation services that emphasize scalability, sustainability, and high security, making them a popular choice for businesses with extensive infrastructure needs.

15. STACK Infrastructure Location: Denver, Colorado
About: STACK Infrastructure is a colocation provider focused on enterprise-level solutions. They offer flexible colocation services, allowing businesses to scale their infrastructure as needed while maintaining high security and redundancy.

16. Sentinel Data Centers Location: Summit, New Jersey
About: Sentinel Data Centers specializes in custom colocation solutions, offering businesses a tailored approach to data center services. Their facilities are designed to support high-density deployments and provide robust security features.

17. EdgeConneX Location: Herndon, Virginia
About: EdgeConneX focuses on edge data center solutions, providing low-latency colocation services for businesses with specific network requirements. They offer a wide range of locations, allowing businesses to choose data centers close to their customers or operations.

18. ColoHouse Location: Miami, Florida
About: ColoHouse offers colocation services with a focus on flexibility and customer service. Their facilities are designed to support a range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, with scalable solutions and comprehensive support.

19. Stream Data Centers Location: Dallas, Texas
About: Stream Data Centers specializes in enterprise-level colocation services, offering robust infrastructure and advanced security features. They are known for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

20. ServerCentral Turing Group Location: Chicago, Illinois
About: ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) provides colocation services with a focus on reliability and network redundancy. They offer a range of solutions to support businesses with diverse requirements, from basic colocation to complex hybrid deployments.

The right colocation provider can significantly impact your business’s IT operations, ensuring high availability, security, and scalability. This list of the colocation providers in the USA for 2024 offers a comprehensive overview of firms that excel in these areas. By considering your business’s specific needs and priorities, you can select a provider that aligns with your goals and provides the support you require for a successful and secure colocation experience.