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Dosti Friendship Shayari in English

If Searching for the best friendship shayari in english then here we present some of the amazing english shayari on friendship. If you read these english dosti shayari then you understand that real friendship is how much important in our life. In today’s world it’s very hard to find a real friend but if you are lucky & if you have real best friend then how much lucky you are you don’t know.

We are sure that you love your friends that is why you find some best english shayari to share with your friends. So for your best friend you can copy some of the best english friendship dosti shayari from these pots and share it with your besties.

Best Friendship Shayari in English

"Friends are like stars;
They come and go,
But the ones that stay
Are the ones that glow."
"Fake friends are like shadows.
They follow you in the sun,
but leave you in the dark."

Friendship Shayari in English, Dosti English Lines

Best Friendship Shayari in English, Dosti English Lines
"Best friends are like diamonds,
precious and rare. Fake friends
are like leaves, found everywhere."
Friendship Shayari in English
Friendship Shayari in English
"Only those who care about you
can hear you when you're quiet."

Two Line English Shayari on Friendship

Two Line Friendship Shayari in English Medium
Friendship Shayari Status

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Fake friends believe in rumors,
Real friends believe in you
Life is not about the number
of friends you have, It is about
The quality of friends you have.

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Shayari for Best Friend in English

English Love Shayari on Friendship

Love is possible After
Friendship, but friendship
Is not possible After Love.
English Love Shayari Lines on Friendship
Life is Fix Call Love is miss call
wife is receive call Mother is
Important Call But Friendship is Fevicol

Dosti Shayari Lines in English

Some run your life Some ruin
Your life One who does both
Is Bestfriend…
True friends don't judge each other.
They judge other people… together.
My Bestfriends deserves only the best,
That's the reason they deserve me!!
Dear Best friend,
Understanding me is an art
and somewhere you are the artist
English Friendship Shayari, Dosti Shayari English Medium

English Dosti Shayari Status, Friendship Shayari

I wouldn't dare to be this
weird with anyone else.
That's why you are my
"Best Friend"
Years of friendship take 
Years of effort, Years of trust
And years of loyalty.
That's why old friends are gold
English Dosti Shayari Status, Friendship Shayari

English Shayari on Friendship

You made me understand
A deeper meaning of friendship
That I never knew existed
Dost Beshak Ek Ho Lekin Aisa Ho,
Jo Alfaaz Se Zyada Khamoshi Ko Samje
Zindagi Mai Har Cheez
Dhoka Deti Hai, Sirf Dosti
Ek Mauka Deti hain
I always forget my problems
When I'm with my best friends

2 Line English Dosti Shayari

One loyal friend is worth more
Then a thousand fake ones
"A friend is someone who knows
all about you and still loves you."
“Friend Means No Thanks No Sorry
Friend Means Fun Is Very Very
Friend Means I am always
with You Don't Worry”
Friendship Shayari in English, Best Dosti Shayari English mein

English Shayari For Bestie, Dosti Status

I don't have a lot of friends
but I have the best ones.
Because I choose
quality over quantity.
Friendship isn't about who
came first, It's about who
came and never left.
A friend listens to what you say.
Best friends listen to what you don't say
Count, your age by friends, not years.
Count your life by smiles, not tears.
The language of friendship is 
Not words but meaning.
A good friend knows all your stories.
A best friend helped you create them
Life can give us a number of beautiful
friends. But only true friends can
give us a beautiful life…

Best English Shayari For Friends

Na kisi ka paisa,
na kisi ka pyaar chahiye
Hamme samaj sake shirf
Aisa ek yaar chahiya
Lagta hai meri bhi kismat
Bahut khaas hai Tabhi to
Tum jaise yaar mere saath hai
Bestie ke Liye Lines in English
Friendship Shayari in English

Best Dosti Friendship Shayari in English

Muskurao aap to phool khil jaaye,
baatein karo to dil machal jaaye,
itni dilkash hai aapki dosti,
dost to kya dushman bhi aapki
dosti pe fida ho jaye
Maangi thi dua humnein rab se,
Dena mujhe dost jo alag ho sbse,
Usne mila diya hume aapse or kaha
Sambhalo inhe ye anmol hai sab se
Dosti acchi ho to rang laati hai,
Dosti gehri ho to sabko bhati hai,
Dosti naada ho to toot jaati hai,
dosti ho humse Toh itihaas banati hai.
Dooriyo ki na parwah kiya karo,
Jab dil chahe yaad kiya karo,
Dushman nahi dost hai hum
Aapke, Hamara sms na aaye
To khud bhej diya karo
Aapke Paas Dosto Ka
Khazana Hai Par Ek Dost
Apka Purana Hai Is Dost Ko
Bhula Na Dena Kabhi Kyoki Ek
Dost Apki Dosti Ka Deewana Hai
Karke dosti hum kisi ko nahi bhulate,
zindagi bhar hum dosti hai nibhate,
Na ho tumhe dosti mein kami ka ehsaas,
esiliye hum naye dost bhi nahi banate.
Kuch kehte hai dosti pyaar hai,
kuch kehte hai dosti zindagi hai,
hum kehte hai Dosti sirf dosti hai,
jise badhkar na pyaar hai na hi zindagi hai.

English Friendship Quotes for Status

Yakeen to hame sirf tum pe hai,
Warna na jane kitne dost paas hai,
Hum to waada karte hai dosti ka,
Bas aap se hi dost kehlane ki aas hai.
Toote Hue Phool Khushboo De Jaate Hai,
Beete Hue Pal Yaadein De Jaate Hai,
Koi Pyar Mein Dosti de jaate hai,
To Koi Dosti Mein jaan De Jaate Hai.
Farak toh apni apni Soch
Main hai Sahab, Warna dosti
Bhi Mohabbat se kam nahi hoti
Friendship Shayari in English Font
I find myself extremely lucky to
Have a best friend like you.
"Strangers think I'm quiet.
My friends think I'm outgoing
My best friends think I'm
completely Insane."
Dosti Shayari English mein, Friendship Shayari
"True friendship is when you
walk into their house and your
WiFi connects automatically."

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